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Serial recovery

MCUboot implements a Simple Management Protocol (SMP) server. SMP is a basic transfer encoding for use with the MCUmgr management protocol. See the Zephyr Device Management documentation for more information about MCUmgr and SMP.

MCUboot supports the following subset of the MCUmgr commands:

It can also support system-specific MCUmgr commands depending on the given mcuboot-port if the MCUBOOT_PERUSER_MGMT_GROUP_ENABLED option is enabled.

The serial recovery feature can use any serial interface provided by the platform.

Image uploading

Uploading an image is targeted to the primary slot by default.

An image can be loaded to other slots only when the MCUBOOT_SERIAL_DIRECT_IMAGE_UPLOAD option is enabled for the platform.

MCUboot supports progressive erasing of a slot to which an image is uploaded to if the MCUBOOT_ERASE_PROGRESSIVELY option is enabled. As a result, a device can receive images smoothly, and can erase required part of a flash automatically.

Configuration of serial recovery

How to enable and configure the serial recovery feature depends on the given mcuboot-port implementation. Refer to the respective documentation and source code for more details.

Entering serial recovery mode

Entering the serial recovery mode is usually possible right after a device reset, for instance as a reaction on a GPIO pin state. Refer to the given mcuboot-port details to get information on how to enter the serial recovery mode.

Serial recovery mode usage

MCU Manager CLI installation

The MCUmgr command line tool can be used as an SMP client for evaluation purposes. The tool is available under the MCU Manager Github page and is described in the Zephyr MCU Manager CLI documentation.

Use the following command to install the MCU Manager CLI tool:

go install

Enter serial recovery mode in the device and use an SMP client application for communication with the MCUboot’s SMP server.

Connection configuration

Use the following command to set the connection configuration, for linux:

mcumgr conn add serial_1 type="serial" connstring="dev=/dev/ttyACM0,baud=115200"

for windows:

mcumgr conn add serial_1 type="serial" connstring="COM1,baud=115200"

Image management

The connection configuration must be established to perform the following image-related commands:

Device reset

Reset your device with the following command:

mcumgr reset -c serial_1

The terminal should respond: